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For foreign nationals living in Japan

At THE WELLNESS CLINIC, we offer COVID-19 RT-PCR tests for those who are planning to travel internationally. Negative test and Fit to travel Health certificate (Fit to fly) will be provided.

Test fees (inclusive of tax) ¥36,000
Certificate issue fees (inclusive of tax) Negative test certificate ¥5,500 sample
negative certificate with QR code (¥11,000)sample
Health certificate (fit to fly) ¥5,500 sample
To make appointment for the test Please fill in the inquiry form attached below with the date that you prefer and send it to us.

Forms submitted during weekdays (Monday – Friday), we will response within six (6) hours.

Please ensure that your appointment for the test is arranged with consideration to your flight dates to ensure acceptance within the immigration’s standard operating procedures.

*We will NOT take any request for appointment through telephone.

Please be sure to contact us by filling in the required information such as the request date in the inquiry form.

Test date Test will be conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – Time 14.00-16.30 & Saturday – 13.00-15.30.
(For any request of appointment on the closing day (Wednesday), there will be a charge of ¥11,000/person in addition to the test fees of ¥36,000.
Test can also be conducted between the hours of 16:30-17.15.)
method real time RT-PCR(nasal swab)
Required time The test process which include office procedures, swab test and payment only takes approximately 15 minutes.
(Payment by cash or credit card are acceptable.)
Test results The test results will be ready by 8am on the following day.  As soon as the test result has been judged, we shall communicate the results to you immediately via e-mail.
Certificate issue Negative and Health Certificate will be issued at the clinic on the same day that the test result turns out to be negative. Certificates can be picked up between 9:30 and 12:00.


the inquiry form

Notes on Use

・We do NOT have any English-speaking staff at our clinic.
・Please direct all enquiries to us via e-mail.
・All test results will usually be available by 12pm the next day. However, if any re-test is required, the result will be only available 2days later.
→We can NOT guarantee that the test result will be given by the following day and the certificates will be given by the following day.
This is unavoidable as part of the PCR test method.
(In any case of re-test, one need not have to return to the clinic for another test.)
・Kindly be informed that the required time for PCR test to be done before leaving the country will differ according to which country one travels to and the airline company to use.
(For example, a PCR test may be required within 96 hours of leaving Japan and within 72hours of entering the next country one is traveling to.)
Be sure to contact and check with your travel company and/or embassy of the country you are traveling to before arranging for the appointment for the test.
(We can NOT able to advise or answer this question at our clinic.)
・For the record, our Clinic has done and issued negative test certificates and health certificates for many travelers to various countries with the immigration and no emigration issues. However, our test and health certificates to NOT provide or secure or guarantee any emigration.
Please inform us at the point of appointment if any specific format of certification is required.

E-mail receive settings

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Configure your e-mail settings to allow receipt of e-mails from the following address.

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